I love recording studios and their FAQ pages. It's neat how they verbally prepare you for a "real" studio. Here's my version. It's more of a FUQ page. Everybody likes FUQing.

Frequently Under-Asked Questions:

1) Do I have to bring my own guitar/bass picks?

No, I have several hundred ranging in thickness, shape, material, etc...

2) Should I just leave these dishes on the table/piano or next to the sink?

I'd recommend just washing them yourself. In fact, I'd insist on it.

3) Your cat, Karl, meows a lot. Is there anyway we can isolate him or possibly administer a mild sedative? And, if not, will he be heard on the microphone during my take?

First, Karl is an exceptional producer and should be given a tails up when it comes to his creative insights. If he adds a comment or two don't take it personal. And yes, Karl will be heard.

4) Should I be familiar with my own music?


Thank you kindly.